who we are

Actuation Plus is an ACTUATOR and VALVE supplier that offers industry leading service to our end users. We want to help our customers limit the points of contact they have to deal with on a daily basis, so the difference between us and others in our service specialty is simple:

Our on-site Service Techs can maintain your equipment, troubleshoot any issues, source replacement parts, and handle the repairs. Therefore, we save our clients valuable time, and speed up the process of getting repairs or replacements handled as efficiently as possible.

Most of all, we believe in building relationships with our clients based on mutual trust, communication and service reliability. Let us partner with you in making your business a success.


our services



Installation, Troubleshooting, Modifications, Repairs, Reconditions, Commissioning

Field Service

Highly trained Field Technicians scheduled on site every day or as often as you need.


New Replacements, Reconditioned Replacements, Off-site Repairs